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Our goal is to make you and your dogs experience at
Lesha’s Dog Grooming as comfortable as possible.

Grooming Pricing
“These Prices are Estimates Only” Prices may change from this list or from groom to groom due to – coat condition, behavioral changes, add on’s, size, amount of shedding, curly coated breeds and time spent grooming.

Service Includes:

Bath, Brush, Nails Clipped, Ears Cleaned, Anal Glands Expressed.

We no longer Pluck Ears unless specifically asked to do so by a vet or owner. Plucking Ears that are in normal condition can cause irritation and cause more harm than good. We wipe out the ear with ear wash on a cotton ball, then we dry the ear canal. We do not deep clean or flush ears.

Cat Grooming

Bath and deshed – $140.00
Lion Cut (No bath) – $150.00
Lion Cut with bath – $170.00
Specialty Cut (No Bath) – $170.00
Specialty Cut with bath – $190.00

Hard to handle cat or extreme coat condition. – $200.00 – $250.00

In business since 2006
Over 60 years combined grooming and animal handling experience.

Contact for Pricing

Text a current picture of your dog to Lesha at: (253) 720-5238

This will give an accurate idea on what your dogs coat condition, and size looks like for a price quote.

Answer these questions so we can get to know your dog.

Client information

1.) Your full name –

2.) Dogs name –

3.) Dogs breed –

4.) Age (a close guess) –

5.) Bite or Hard to Handle history? –

6.) How many weeks since your dogs last groom?

7.) If new, why are you looking for a groomer? –

8.) Does your dog have any separation anxiety? –

9.) Is your dog crate trained? –

10.) Does your dog need to be groomed straight through? –
(This request will get your dog home sooner. This is a specialty request and does cost extra)

Behavior Issues We Work With
  • Anxious
  • Timid
  • Nervous
  • Aggressive
If a dog has been kicked out of another grooming shop or refused to be groomed by another groomer due to behavioral issues/biting.

Small dogs depending on severity
$120.00 – $250.00

Large dogs depending on severity
$200.00 – $450.00

If a dog has been sedated in the past to get groomed, due to unruly or unpredictable behavior.
$400.00 – $500.00 
(Vet sedation grooms cost around $750.00)

Dog will need to be muzzled and lightly sedated upon drop off.

This is for extreme, hard to handle, dangerous, unpredictable dogs, who will bite.

When making an appointment make sure to specifically ask for Lesha to groom your dog.

How Long Will My Pet Stay?

Plan on 2-4 hours depending on size, coat and temperament.

Possibly longer if extreme behavioral issues or multiple dogs from same family for grooming.

We will call you as soon as your pet is done and ready for pick-up.

If you would like your pet to be groomed from start to finish with less time spent in a crate – Ask for the Add On “Zoom Groom”
$50.00-$100.00 ADD ON
We will do our best to complete the groom within 1-2 hours.

The reason for a longer stay may be due to crate soiling, anxious, timid, aggressive, coat condition, issues with blow drying.

If you strictly need your dog back within a time frame, please let us know when you make your pets appointment… Otherwise we assume that we can take our time and will call or message as soon as your dog is done.

Do not schedule an appointment on the same day that you have work, or have to travel out of the area, due to unexpected emergencies.

If dogs are a handful due to anxiety or aggression, we normally get them in and out, and once done they will need to be picked up ASAP.

Dogs with certain behavioral issues can disrupt our atmosphere with barking/howling and cause other dogs to become anxious.

They can also cause injuries to themselves by trying to escape their crate, which we’re not liable for.

Lesha's Experience

1998 – Grooming School at Kats “n” K9s
I learned how to properly handle and groom all breeds of dogs.

1999 – Dog Training apprentice at the Washington K9 Center
There I learned how to properly train puppies and dogs with different temperaments from excitement to aggression.

I worked at a boarding and grooming kennel for years caring for, managing and grooming numerous pets.

I worked at a vet clinic and a small grooming shop for also several years.

2006 – I started my grooming business.
Over the years I have owned, fostered, bred, trained, and groomed thousands of dogs to add to my  experience.

“I have a new puppy that needed a trim desperately but wasn’t fully vaccinated, so couldn’t get the full treatment of grooming. reached out to several groomers and couldn’t get a response.
But Lesha responded and got my pup in the very next day. She was sweet, communicative, and so loved my pup. I will be going to her for all my dogs grooming needs. Thank you, Lesha!!” – Brianna L

“Took my 93pd baby for the first time. Not what you expect when you walk into a groomers. They have every kind of crystal for sale, some of the most beautiful colors. But everyone greeted me with a smile. Nails bath and ears hour and a half later done. She came out shiny, clean, and smelling good. I have found my permanent groomer . Thanks to my neighbors for the recommendation.” – Debra C

“Lesha is amazing. We took our dog, Summer, to Lesha’s for over 14 years (since she was a little puppy). We even continued to use her when she moved into Tacoma, instead of switching to someone more local. She always worked with us to help fit Summer in and was very understanding of time constraints as long as we let her know up front. Our dog was not the easiest client for washing as she grew older with hip dysplasia. She took her time to make sure that Summer could be sitting or standing that long, with breaks where needed.

Summer is no longer with us, but we are always grateful for Lesha and how she made Summer feel welcome and loved when she was there.” – Jim J

“Love Lesha. I won’t go anywhere else. Both my dogs are kind of special needs, and she takes incredible care of them. Plus, they always come home super cute!” – Bree W

“My dogs & I had such a great experience here! They worked so well & were so accommodating to my Aussies 🙂 I will definitely be coming back & highly recommend them <3 “- Piper T

“Thank you for doing exactly as we requested. Our little Winnie is very happy!!! We will definitely be returning customers. P.S. We are adopting another Yorkie, so you’ll get two instead of one from now on. Lol” – Alexandra L

Update: “amazing communication! She responded to this review with such appreciation (within an hour) that she offered to complete the service despite some disadvantages. She even offered help with how I could handle my grooming concerns at home. Please get your pet groomed here!!”

“She wasn’t able to groom my big fluffy pup due to her employee leaving, which is totally understandable. But got back to me at 1030pm to let me know she could share her old employees new grooming info to help. I sent my message at 9pm thinking I wouldn’t hear until the next day. Amazingly quick response and the fact that she will connect me to someone who can help is amazing. When taking big dogs again, let me know! Highly recommend but not taking big dogs as of today.” – Nicki G

“Lesha is the best!! Really, she’s the dog whisperess!! My dog acts a lot more disciplined and happy around her while being groomed, and even let’s her touch her toes!! I can’t even get close!! Absolutely will not go anywhere else. My dog is safe with her and always looks beautiful when finished! 5 stars for sure.” ~ Kristina A

“We’ve been taking our dogs here for years. Amazing place & great service.” ~ Clock W

“So sad to be moving because we love it here! Lesha is so good with my little Biscuit! I love the variety of shampoos she offers. Our pup has had a traumatic experience with a past groomer and taking him anywhere gives us a bit of anxiety. BUT Lesha is so patient with him and I have zero worries leaving him in her care. She makes her customers feel like their concerns are heard and valid. Thank you for everything Lesha! We’ll miss you!” ~ Kaitlin B

“My fur babies are always happy when they see where they are going! That Speaks volume! Girls are great!” ~ Marc L

“Love this place and the people.” ~ Doretha B

“Such a great reception, dog and I are always called by name. And of course the grooming is always superb.” ~ Darrell P

“I really like this place, Lesha is great with my big “mutt” mix…very patient & understanding of dogs of all breeds…as my Charley is a 2yo Mastiff, Pitty mix! I’m so thankful for her services! I highly recommend :).” ~ Mariah E

“Even my dog loves them.” ~ Noelani W

“I got my dog groomed here for the first time today. He looked great. He was ready in 2 hours. He didn’t seem traumatized like he did when I tried grooming him myself. He even got a cute lil bandana. Will definitely be a repeat customer here.” ~ Kayla S

“She is very good with her clients. My dog has a thick coat. Her staff very professional. They did a great job on my pet. My pet looked so happy when they were done.” ~ Aurora Webber

“We have been clients since she opened and always had a wonderful experience! We love Lesha!!!” ~ Laura T

“Omg they do such an amazing job, i’ve been bringing my dogs here for years and prices are very affordable.” ~ Jessica G

“Such a sweet lady! & very gentle with my dog! Will be back.” ~ Bianca M

“Love Lesha! My favorite groomer.” ~ Billi S

“Lesha always does a nice job with my pet. I highly recommend Lesha’s Dog Grooming.” ~ Patricia A

“The staff are very welcoming and family oriented.” ~ Melissa C

“Best Dog Grooming. THEY TAKE EXCELLENT CARE OF MY DOG. Won’t go anywhere else.” ~ Chris T

“Great grooming place. We now come here instead of PetSmart. Responsive and friendly.” ~ Kayla L

“My dog Charlie is always nervous going to the groomers, but the staff is always nice and treated him well. They even stayed an hour after close to make sure he could be picked up one time. Crazy awesome staff. Also his haircuts are always cute.” ~ Ryan H

“Lesha outstanding, Dog whisperer, Excellent service, Was patient with my dog and outcome! Fantastic! Just what my dog needed! Thank you Lesha! Definitely be back.” ~ Josh K

“Wonderful place and great service. Bentley has been going there for years and we still make the trip now that we live in Spanaway. Lesha and her staff have a passion for what they do and it shows.” ~ Demond L

“We’ve been going to Lesha for a couple years now. My babies Koda and Bella love her! Koda is a Pomeranian who likes his hair short. Every time I come pick them up, they’re always so happy. My babies and I trust her. We won’t be going anywhere else!” ~ Aja K

“Lesha is really great. Our dogs always come out so happy when we pick them up! Definitely a repeat customer!” ~ R M G

“Very friendly and easy to work with. The puppies love them.” ~ Chad S

“They treated my girl so good. She was in great need of a nail trim and hair cut. She smelled amazing and looked beautiful. Thank you for treating our Bonnie girl so good! Price was good too.” ~ Kim N

“Lesha grooms my Maltese and trims my black lab’s nails. She is so patent and great with my skittish Maltese and always makes her look and small great! I followed her from the old location and likely will for as long as she’s around! I tried many others before and was never happy. So glad I found this spot!” ~ Ariella Bolen-Johnson

“I take my Chihuahua there to get her nails clipped. Lesha is awesome and can clip them all in just a couple minutes.” ~ Alison Skllings

“I go there for my minpin’s nail clippings. Always patient with my dog and I appreciate the great rates!” ~ Kathy Cao

“Awesome people, awesome work…love. would recommend to everyone for any breed. Gentle and loving. My pups always happy going in and coming out.” ~ Rocky

“Great place, reasonably priced and quick. Staff has been extremely pleasant and have done a better job than other places we have tried. Will definitely keep going back.” ~ Robert O

“They are the best ever.  The love and attention they provide to my dog is amazing.  The grooming is the best!  I also leave my dog with them when out of town because I have no worries when gone.” ~ Teresa S

Contact Info

4602 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA 98408

Phone: 253-507-8029

Text Lesha: 253-720-5238
This number is for TEXTING ONLY.
Will not receive any voicemails.

Grooming Hours:
By Appointment
Note: Hours vary from day to day. We close when the last dog is done.

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What a journey!
As a child, I told my parents that some day I would have a business of my own and work for no one but myself.
At 25 years old, my inner child took the bull by the horns and I took a leap of faith. I am sincerely grateful to say, I've been in business since 2006.
While still in the 12th grade, I was enrolled into an apprenticeship program to learn how to train dogs.
From small to large dogs, all having different energy levels and behavioral issues.
I have trained, fostered and bred protection and sport dogs for over 15 years.
I had a great mentor and was able to gain experience controlling and calming aggressive dogs, trained basic obedience, and puppy classes.
I learned how to run a dog kennel business at the age of 18.
I went to a protection dog seminar and was asked to participate in a protection dog trial with my Belgian Malinois, without knowing about the trail or even specifically training for it, my dog and I won 1st place.
I signed up for a Canine Good Citizen class with my beloved Standard Poodle, Diva, and got certified by the American Kennel Club.
While training dogs, I signed up with a grooming school and spent several months learning next to a master groomer, how to handle and groom all breeds of dogs.
I then ventured off and became one of the head employees, and there too, I learned how to run a boarding and grooming facility.
I spent years gaining hands on experience in animal care, behavior, dog training and customer service.
I have owned pack of dogs of my own amongst other types of animal species. I also volunteer at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility to add to my animal handling experience.
My father was Native American and had a deep connection for animals that most people can't explain due to the spiritual connection that animals, spirit animals, and totem pole animals bring to ones soul of Native American culture.
My mom has a deep appreciation for all animals, and their well being as well, so the natural passion and understanding for all animals have definitely passed to myself.
Not only am I able to give haircuts to dogs, my training and experience gives me the ability to groom highly aggressive and anxious dogs that no one else can or is willing to do, due to the risks involved.
Over the years I have been able to detect medical issues with some of my client dogs. I suggested to go straight to the vet, and sure enough the dogs were diagnosed with cancer and other medical issues that needed to be addressed.
I also sell all sorts of beautiful crystals at my grooming shop. Besides animals, I have always been drawn to crystals, ancient medicine, healers, astrology, nature and peace.
Moral of the story, do what you love to do. If you're not happy or you're bored with what you're doing every day of your life, stop wasting your precious time.
YOU are in control of your own life, your own happiness, your own story.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my background and experience. I appreciate all of my amazing clients and my on going support.
“Awards” “Awards” “Award”
Proud to have been chosen #5 best grooming shops in Washington State
Click HERE for full article

AKC Canine Good Citizen with “Diva” my Standard Poodle

1st Place K9 Pro Sport Protection Trial with “Tango” my Belgian Malinois

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